Planning for Success

Planning for Success is a personal development course for young people with Aspergers Syndrome or High Functioning Autism and their families. The programme is designed to help participants to develop their interpersonal and communication skills and gain greater self-confidence and help parents to develop the skills to support and continue this process. Advantage Unlimited was awarded a National Training Award for this programme and have just been voted Community Grants Organisation of the Year 2010 by the London European Social Funds Awards. Over the last 6 years we have received grants from the Big Lottery, European Social Fund, Surrey Children’s Fund and Aiming High

It is run by Val Goldberg and colleagues. The course comprises 12 sessions, which take place at the end of the school day, each session of 2 hours including a short break for refreshments.  We accommodate up to 12 children with an accompanying parent or carer. A wide range of training methods will be used, including group work, discussions, role play, short videos and presentations, quizzes and “ice breaker” games. The course comprises 12-20 sessions which take place at the end of the school or working day.

Each week a small assignment will be provided to give the young people the opportunity to practise new skills at home with the support of their families.

The programme is adapted for each group following a detailed questionnaire to be completed by the young people, their families and the school, which identify the precise training needs of each participant. The course includes:

  • Introduction, ground rules; getting know and trust each other
  • Starting a conversation; listening and responding appropriately
  • Non verbal communication
  • Learning about communication through Meyers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Asking for help
  • Situations we find difficult
  • Managing anxiety
  • Managing anger
  • Relationships and how they differ
  • Making and keeping friends
  • Managing bullying
  • Public presentation skills

The final session will include a presentation of certificates and end of course celebration.

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