Our Services

Advantage Unlimited is a not-for-profit social enterprise working with high functioning autistic youngsters and their families. We work with both children and young adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Asperger Syndrome. In the case of younger people we work closely both with the participant, their parents and siblings in order to enable participants will be better able to:-

  • Interpret and use appropriate non-verbal communication
  • Develop necessary social skills to integrate fully into school, college and work life
  • Learn skills to develop and maintain friendships
  • Managing anxiety and anger
  • Better understand social boundaries
  • Deal with unstructured social situations
  • Use the telephone and answer phone
  • Give short public presentations
  • Effect a simple action plan from a stated aim
  • Identify appropriate opportunities in the workplace and the support available to help them choose a career and find work
  • Succeed at interviews
  • Prepare an application form or curriculum vitae
  • Manage difficult situations confidently and with success.
  • Better understanding communication styles using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ®
We work with both individual families and through group programmes entitled Planning for Success.
For more information please contact us.

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